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World Model Hunt

At World Model Hunt, we strive to ease the initial path for the models by various methods of marketing. With a team of creative geniuses’ and design experts’ we help create avenues for everyone who seeks this path. In addition, we have our internationally published magazine. The best in design and content for assisting models as well as a source of entertainment for our readers. Being an internet company allows us to hunt for the next top model all around the globe, no matter where you are, if you think you have the potential to be a model, well, all you have to do it submit a simple form with us and our team will evaluate your entry.



Ever imagined yourself draped in the shimmery, glittery cosmos filled with myriad hues and silken fabrics. Holding a position where you have the Midas’s touch, where everything you touch or wear or even have the slightest courtesy to lay your eyes on, turns to gold. But that’s just how Modeling looks like to the rest of the world. For a model, it mostly begins with a struggle which can easily be overcome with the right assistance or from the experts in the industry.



World Model Hunt started as a model promotions company but later turned into a non-exclusive online modeling and talent agency. We are now accepting entries for model and talent management, sign ups from across the world. Begin your modeling career with us. Though a lot of agencies ask you for your portfolio, which is important, but we prefer to take a different route. Every modeling job has its own limitations and requirements. Some require tall models while some are specifically looking for plus size models whereas some are specific to fit a particular segment of clothing. Thus having the same portfolio and applying for all models’ jobs isn’t the right way to do it.



Our online modeling contests are very similar to beauty pageants and thus help us to the hunt for new talents, not just for USA but for nations all across the globe. The global modeling contests accepts entries online and each winner is awarded with a gift card and other goodies along with  free marketing across all our platforms.



In order to become a model, there are various sections one needs to go through, it involves, model training at a recognized model academy, then a model agency is needed to get you through the job search and no matter what type of model you are or what modeling age group you fall into, the struggle has always been tiring for all the aspiring models.

Be Model

Becoming a Model

If you are a fresh face in modeling or trying to become a model, we are here to steer you through the challenging period and help pave the path to a shining career. As of right now, we have started to partner up with model agencies, model training academies and are expanding our hands to every user that signs up with us.



Our assistance doesn’t begin with modeling jobs, but with ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared to delve in the fashion industry. We aid you to have the right set of model books/comp card/resume/portfolio to be shared with model employers and to get published on our magazine.



We assist in building portfolios with the help of model books, comp cards or genre specific model books. We focus on creating versatile quality content. Though the concept of comp cards might not be familiar to many aspiring models across the world, it is quite an effective way to leave an impact (Comp card is a 2-page PDF or print sheet that contains most of your basic information along with few of your pictures). We publish the same model books/comp cards in our magazines, thereby promoting the models as well.



World Model Hunt also accepts entries for the model calendars which are available to download in PDF and are published in the magazine each month. The January issue will have the calendar models from the month of January.


Mr. Reginald Gardner worked at NASA as a communication specialist. For the past 12 years he learned and was trained in excellence when performing mission-critical jobs in the space program. While at NASA, Mr. Reginald Gardner, assisted Engineers in building software programs to support training, configured equipment and hardware in the SVMF Facility for Astronaut’s training, troubleshoot and repaired electronic, mechanical components and hardware for the Space Shuttle and Space Station Mockups. Mr. Reginald Gardner's knowledge and experience at NASA pursuing excellence gave Reginald the entrepreneurial spirit, ethics and drive for this venture to succeed.

His continual pursuit of excellence gave Reginald the management skills needed as well as insight into hiring people with the same mindset of excellence and the pursuit of perfection as found in NASA. This mindset will give WORLD MODEL HUNT the cutting edge and the competitive advantage to thrive. This spirit of pursuing excellence and perfection that was built into Reginald drove him to ultimately create WORLD MODEL HUNT.


Texas Southern University. Majored in Telecommunications; Minored in Electronics.


Manager/Lead Field Installation Technician: Karl Storz Endoscope: project at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD; 5-million-dollar project.

MD Anderson Cancer Center – Media Service Department


Reggie Gardner

Founder and (CEO) – World Model Hunt
Founder and (CEO) - Selwyn Entertainment

Awards that received while working at NASA



Employee of The Month: For Excellence in Performance Teamwork and Safety



For Outstanding Professionalism Performance and Teamwork



Public Service Group Achievement Award -2006 Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist Qualification

2007, 2009


For Outstanding Professionalism Performance and Teamwork



Certificate of Appreciation for The Transformation of The International Space Station (ISS) to Six-Person Crew Capabilities

Selwyn Entertainment Music Group - Global Digital Distribution Company, Entertainment Management, Promotions, Productions, and Consultant

Worked with various Hip-Hop/R&B artists/producers:

  • RBX (DeathRow Records)
  • CandyMan
  • Kiotti
  • Billy Cook
  • DaGoldenChild
  • Marq-La
  • BigBoo
  • Psyco Sid
  • Hardattak
  • Dedd Tho
  • Texas Most Wanted
  • Pain Killa
  • Cle'che
  • Marlin Demby
  • Gene Bogany
  • Rakesh
  • TLee

Produced and directed projects:

Executive Producer - for the movie "Hyphen"

Executive Producer/ Co-Director - Music Video - DaGoldenChild - "Gametime"


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