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What is it to be an American beauty? How does it look like? Is it something specific like olive skin, golden eyes, slender nose, high cheekbones? Or chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, Rosy lips, teeth within?

The answer is no! It is neither. American beauty is not so narrow that it could fit into any such discreet descriptions. To put it simply, Nobody knows what American beauty is supposed to look like because honestly, it can look like anything, any color, any race, any ethnicity, or even any nationality.

The country has a long history of welcoming on its soil humans of different cultural backgrounds and then giving them all one simple identity- AMERICANS.

America is a display of cultural diversity at its finest.

Dark skinned american beauty.

Cultural diversity makes Americans so beautiful.

And to get a quick idea of what all of it really means, let’s give ourselves one look at the cast from a show entitled, America’s Next Top Model. It is only then that one can truly learn that American beauty cannot be described within a ten pointer.

America is a display of cultural diversity at its finest.

And this is what makes Americans so beautiful. The fact that there isn’t a certain look to them makes them all so beautiful.


But really! How come all of them are so good looking, although in their own significant ways.

The answer to this is access to nutrition, health care, and health/beauty products. This makes a HUUUUUGE difference.

But let’s start with the very basics.


American male model posing for a shoot.

America has people of different origins from all parts of the world.

As we said, America’s long history of receptivity, of accepting immigrants or even refugees from across the globe has given to the world every healthy exotic blend possible like Beyoncé, JLo, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Norah Jones, Ann Curry, Jennifer Tilly, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Beals, Shannon Elizabeth, Lisa Bonet, Halle Berry, Rashida Jones … I could keep going forever.


Americans have a thing for perfect teeth to the extent that it’s almost a religion. 90% of kids of age 12-13 have regular dentist appointments and most of them have braces, and the results are pretty amazing. Whereas in other countries, kids and their parents usually don’t care about such details when they are young and then go on to brood later in life and that changes nothing.


American man climbing a hill.

Americans are fun-loving and adventurous.

Americans engage themselves highly in stuff like sports, gymnastics, cheerleading, swimming, soccer, basketball. It’s a part of their school curriculum, contributing significantly to a fitter, athletic bodies, physical grace and confidence from a very young age.


Woman posing together.

Feminism is at its peak in America.

Feminism is known to have originated in America and so are the country’s women so strong, bold and are nothing short of perfection. The media are full of strong, outspoken women, colleges have more women than men, and girls are reasonably bright and attractive. The US is the most wonderful place to grow up as a girl.


Americans live a life of indestructible commitment to nutritious diets without failing, scheduling yoga, run, swim, Zumba, fitting healthy habits like reading, painting, dance in between for the cultivation of inner beauty.


A woman posing in with bold makeup.

America supports bold beauty.

America is the best destination when it comes to career options, education, Hollywood, better living standards, life security and various other things. America’s entertainment and modeling agencies attract beautiful people from around the world. Currently, 13% of Americans are foreign-born and 25% are either first or second generation, so immigration has a BIG effect on appearance.

Male model posing for a shoot.

American male model posing.

Always known for its liberal agendas America is yet again pulling news for its revolutionary act of promoting and celebrating plus-size in a world where which is full of models dying a death of starvation in the name of being a fashion nova. A cost too high to pay. Plus-size women’s fashion is the hottest new segment of the fashion industry, perpetuated by America as designers and entrepreneurs strive to satisfy customers long deprived of the latest fashion outfits.

The Average American Woman is Growing.

American model posing for a shoot.

The average American woman is                                    growing.










“Full-figured celebrities like Serena Williams, Ashley Graham and Kim Kardashian are embracing their curves, body acceptance campaigns are on the rise, and the average American woman is growing, too — from a size 14 in 2010 to a size 16-18 today, according to a 2016 study by Washington State University researchers.” as quoted on a fashion website.

At last! The world seems to be on a path that is much more rational. America’s big brother image can prove to be the trump card that was long due, the fashion industry desperately needs to give its models a break- one that is healthy, nutritional and practically feasible.


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