Thandiwe Kulate's guide to positivity

A strong woman is filled with kindness, generosity, compassion and integrity. No matter what, she is true to herself. And one of such kind is Thandiwe Kulate.

Thandiwe loves everything! Be that art, fashion, makeup or dance. She also relishes maintaining herself fit by exercising and doing yoga.

In the industry, she has often faced criticism for her curves, but she has always been flaunting them because the curves make her feel beautiful.

Thandiwe faced several hindrances or setbacks in her career because of her race, but now she is getting recognized in the industry.

Despite of all the critisism Thandiwe has faced, she looks forward to being a positive and a holistic person.

“Never let anyone tell you ’you can’t’, there will be obstacles on the way but your dreams are bigger. You can make it. Hard work is everything because it pays off.”